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Temperature and humidity calibration

Calibration of direct-acting temperature meter

- glass temperature meters with inner scale
- touch temperature meters
- frostpoint- and dewpoint meters

Calibration of temperature sensor

- thermocouples
- RTD sensors
- temperature switches
- temperature transducers

Calibration of temperature loggers

- temperature registers
- temperature profiling systems
- temperature loggers

Calibration of non-contact temperature meters

- infra-red temperature meters, laser temperature meters
- thermal cameras

Calibration of temperature generators

- dry block/oil bath calibrators
- climate chambers
- handheld temperature calibrators

Calibration of humidity meters and generators

- humidity meters
- humidity registers
- humidity loggers
- humidity generators

The manufacturing and controlling processes of all products - be it food, car parts or pharmaceuticals - are affected by environmental impacts and changes. Of the before mentioned factors, temperature and humidity are the two most significant, along with many other non-negligible effects. Changes in these effects are measured, tested and recorded during most manufacturing processes. In some cases, specific heat, shock or drying processes are applied to the equipment during the final inspection. However, in order to be confident of the measured results obtained during production, it is necessary to calibrate or inspect the recording, reproducing or measuring instruments on a regular basis.

In our calibration/testing laboratory or on the customers\'s premises we undertake the calibration of the above listed measuring instruments and special test equipment according to the guidelines of the MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 standard.

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