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Climate chamber calibration at 9 spatial points

Temperature and humidity dispersion measurement:

Our calibration laboratory undertakes the determination of reference values for temperature spaces, humidity and temperature dispersion and temporal stability. The measurements are carried out in accordance with the relevant DKD recommendations - and according to the customer\'s requirements - in empty or loaded chambers, spaces, according to method A or C.

The sensors are positioned at 2 to 9 spatial points, unless otherwise specified by the customer, in accordance with the DKD recommendations. Temperature and humidity values are set based on a sequence and holding time agreed in advance with the customer, taking into account the parameters of the chamber. The general measurement method is to work with a one-hour heat up and sampling every minute - unless otherwise specified by the customer.

During the evaluation of the measured values, the reference values of the respective measuring points are determined, the deviation from the set value and, if required, the spatial inhomogeneity and the temporal instability are determined. In our English-Hungarian bilingual calibration certificates, the measurement results are presented in both tabular and graphical form.

Temperature and humidity (moisture) dispersion measurement:

- climate chambers, heat shock chambers, salt and dust chambers

- heat chambers, drying chambers

- freezers, refrigerators, cold rooms

- sterilizers, autoclaves

- warehouses and other air-conditioned rooms

- heat tunnels, tunnel kilns

- annealing furnaces, drying furnaces

The process of dispersion measurement:

Temperature (and humidity) sensors are placed at defined spatial points in the temperature space to be calibrated and connected to a logging unit. The calibration is performed at several temperature and humidity points - the points are defined by the customer.
The result of the measurement may vary depending on whether the space is empty or filled with a certain amount of goods, so it is up to the customer to decide whether to request the calibration empty or filled, or both.

The different temperature and humidity points are calibrated at the temperature specified by the customer. The evaluation of the measurement results gives the customer an accurate picture of the temperature variations of the different points in the chamber and the temperature variations of the chamber over time.

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