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 We are able to calibrate a wide range of electrical measuring instruments - from the simplest multimeters to high-frequency spectrum analysers - in our calibration laboratory and on our customers\' facilities, too. The laboratory is equipped to carry out the same measurements in two locations at the same time, so that the calibration time of the instruments delivered to our laboratory is not affected by on-site calibrations. Of course, there are some measuring instruments, standards, high-precision measuring or generating devices that can only be calibrated in our laboratory.
We have designed our measurement system so that we can calibrate on-site with the least disruption and in the shortest possible time. Our newest measuring system performs automatic, line-by-line classification based on a given specification, so that during the calibration it can be immediately determined whether the instrument is suitable for further measurements or it needs repair/adjusment. Our calibration certificates are available in Hungarian and/or English. 

Our temperature calibrators can generate temperatures from -90 °C up to 1200 °C, in a metal block thermostat or even in an oil bath (30 °C...140 °C), depending on the requirements of the customer. The measuring system is suitable for calibrating temperature measuring instruments in a wide range of applications, for instance, in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry or metalworking.

With our high accuracy reference thermometers (Fluke / Hart-Scientific) we can calibrate temperature calibrators (oil baths, metal block thermostats, infrared calibrators) from -90 °C to 1200 °C.
In the field of temperature calibration, we can also calibrate various thermocouples (K, S, T, R, J, U, B, N, etc.), resistance thermometers, direct-acting thermometers, temperature transmitters and temperature switches, with temperature generated in a metal block thermostat or with electrically reproduced values. 
 In selecting our reference standards, we paid particular attention to the fact that the use of thermal imaging cameras is becoming more widespread in more and more sectors, making their calibration essential. Our calibrators are not only suitable for calibrating infrared thermometers, but also for thermal imaging cameras. We calibrate infrared thermometers and thermal imaging cameras with state-of-the-art Fluke and Ametek / Jofra standards. The emission factor of our calibration devices is adjustable, so we can perform the calibration without any correction, regardless of the type of the devices to be calibrated (even if the emission factor of the measuring device is not adjustable).
Humidity is a very influential environmental parameter. Our Michel type humidity generator is able to generate a relative humidity value between 10...99% at normal room temperature. The exact value of the humidity generated in this environment is measured with an Optidew chilled mirror hygrometer. The instruments - humidity meters, recorders or their sensors - are calibrated at "room temperature" with this instrument.

Our latest device is a unique automatic humidity and temperature calibration system in Hungary. The device allows to check the humidity values not only at room temperature, but also at one or more temperature points - defined by the customer,- even for temperature-dependent humidity accuracy tests.
The design of the etalon can be varied depending on whether the instruments are to be placed inside or outside the chamber - with only the sensors inserted - for the duration of the measurement, so that the dimensions of the instrument to be measured do not constrain the calibration.

With our precision calibration standards we perform full calibration of RLC meters (inductance, capacitance and resistance). To achieve higher accuracy, we "fine-tune" the value of our calibrators with Quadtech measuring instruments.

We have etalon meters not only in 1, but also 2 and 5 steps in our laboratory. We also have Q-references, which allows us to cover the full range of the measuring instruments during calibration.

 To calibrate analogue and digital oscilloscopes (Tektronix, LeCroy or any other manufacturer), we use a special calibrator specifically designed to calibrate all the functions of the oscilloscope, not just the vertical and horizontal deflection. Our procedure enables the calibration of 15 different functions.

The biggest step forward in the field of high-frequency calibrations was made last year. Our procedures have been extended from the previous maximum range of 0...6 GHz to a maximum range of 0...40 GHz, allowing us to calibrate various frequency generators, totalizers, frequency meters, analyzers, and other frequency based measuring instruments.

We have concentrated our development efforts on the calibration of telecommunication and mobile communication measuring instruments.

 Our external reference frequency standard is a GPS-synchronized rubidium standard. This standard makes it possible to reduce the extended measurement uncertainty to a "negligible" level, allowing us to calibrate utility standards, high accuracy generators, precision frequency meters.

The calibration of digital multimeters (Fluke, Agilent or any other maunfacturer) is performed with multifunction calibrators. Our calibrators can reproduce any parameter that can be measured by multimeters (voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, temperature, output, etc.). For high accuracy multimeters, the values reproduced by the calibrator are measured back with a reference calibrator.

The above method is, of course, not only suitable for digital multimeters, but also for analogue multimeters, desktop or tabletop instruments.


To calibrate power meters, we use Fluke5520A calibrators or Fluke6100 power calibrators. Our calibrators can also be used to test harmonics and reproduce effective and idle power.

Contact protection measuring devices, combined contact protection devices (Metrel Eurotest 61557, HT-Italia Macrotest 5035, ÉVÉ universal, etc.), earthing and loop resistance measuring devices (Telaris Earth, Telaris Loop, etc.), RCD-relay testers (Metrel RCD/Loop/Line, etc.), appliance testers (AlphaPAT, Megger PAT32, etc.) and other safety instrumentation are calibrated with a Fluke 5320 calibrator.

Insulation resistance measuring instruments (Ganz XS1000, Megger S1-5010, Metrel TerraOhm, etc.) are calibrated with high voltage resistance decad, with measuring voltages from 1 kV to 10 kV and resistance values up to 21 TΩ.

For calibration of Ground Bond testers we have a high current resistor etalon series.

Using our Etalon high voltage measuring equipment and SebaKMT high voltage generator, we calibrate breakdown strength testers, oil breakdown testers, high voltage generators, high voltage test heads, high voltage pulse generators.

 Our team have developed a mobile measuring system that can be quickly and easily installed at our customers\' sites ensuring smooth operation.

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