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Calibration for electrical quantites measuring instruments

Accredited calibration laboratory by the National Accreditation Authority (NAH) under number NAH-2-0141/2021.

Calibration for electrical quantities measuring instrument
- digital- and analog multimeters
- panel meters, voltage-, current- and power meters
- clamp meters, current transducers, shunts
- oscilloscopes and accessories
- frequency meters and generators, counters
- attenuator
- resistance, inductance and capacitance (RLC) meters
- resistance, inductance and capacitance standards
- decades (resistance, inductance and capacitance)
- power meters
- power transducers
- high voltage meters, and high voltage probes
- tachometers
- stopwatch
- air velocity meters

Calibration for electrical safety testers

- loop resistance and loop impedance meters
- earth resistance and earth clamp meters
- insulation resistance meters
- RCD  meters
- HIpot, Ground bond, continuity
- instrument testers
- multifunctional electrical safety testers
- high voltage meters and high voltage generators

Calibration for calibrators and sources

- process calibrators
- high accuracy and multifunctional calibrators
(according to the factory recommendation)
- temperature calibrators
- voltage- and current sources
- power supplies

Calibration certificates issued by our calibration laboratory contain all measurement results, and the traceability of our standards is guaranteed.

Nowadays, it would be impossible to imagine a world without the production and use of electricity, as most of our everyday objects can\'t function without it. Tiny batteries provide the energy needed to power our mobile phones and laptops for days, while other devices draw their power from the electrical network. They are simple to use, but their manufacture is the result of careful design, complex technology and multiple in-process and final inspections.

By the time a tiny electronic device comes off the production line, every component or part of it may have undergone tens or hundreds of measurements and tests. These measurements are carried out using electrical measuring instruments, and the tests are carried out using special test equipment containing electrical measuring instruments.

Electrical quantity measuring instruments are integral parts of production lines for electronic devices (e.g. mobile phones, automotive components, communication devices, etc.). The purpose of the examinations - in-production or final measurements - with the before mentioned instruments (from multimeters to an oscilloscope, or a special purpose-built test apparatus) is to test one or more electrical quantities (voltage, current, resistance, frequency, capacitance, power, etc.).

The metrological characteristics of electrical measuring instruments can be affected and modified by a number of factors, for instance: abrasion, ageing, damage, changes in environmental conditions, etc.
Taking into accoung the aforementioned effects, it is necessary to calibrate and adjust the instruments on a regular base.

In our calibration laboratory or on the customers\' premises we undertake the calibration of the above listed measuring instruments and special test equipment according to the guidelines of the MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 standard.


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