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Measuring instrument management system

Online monitoring system:

Online monitoring system allows for our customers that, they have up to date information from their instrument always. This system sends e-mail automatically for - according to settings – calibration, testing or any other term of validity.
All instrument has individual datasheet, there are my customer can note all necessary information of instrument, all event of instrument, and calibration certificates for five years back.
Our customer can browsing or listing - any term or conditions – between datasheets. They can send to excel this list easily – touch of a button.

Further services:

- we upload free the certificate of instrument that were calibrated by KALIBRA 59\'s laboratory
- our subcontractors are inspected, accredited laboratories they according to
  MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 standard.
- we managed to repair, replacement or disposal your failed instrument, if it
  is necessary.
- we are searching the best distributor for purchase of new instrument.

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