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About our services

In our dinamically developing world, fast, precise and accurate work is becoming more essential, and properly controlled (calibrated) instruments and measuring devices are indispensable. In Hungary and all around the world more and more companies apply some kind of quality management system, which requires the proper calibration and qualification of the measuring instruments used for their work. The regular calibration and inspection of measuring instruments will ensure that the devices meet the requirements of standards. Our company provides assistance in this respect to prospective and existing customers.

Calibrations can be carried out according to the customers\' needs, either in our calibration laboratory or at the customers\' premises at a mutually agreed time, so that our calibration service does not cause any disruption to operations and production.

Thanks to the facilities of our calibration laboratory and experience of our team, the list of services offered by our own and contracted partner laboratories cover a very diverse area.

Our calibration fees include the complete accredited calibration and qualification - according to a specified criteria - of the measuring instruments.
The fees also include the preparation of calibration certificates / test reports that contain all measurement results in chart or graphical form, and are available in Hungarian and/or English language (on request).
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