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Temperature and Humidity calibration

Calibration of Direct- acting temperature meter

- glass temperature meter with inner scale
- touch temperature meter
- frostpoint- and dewpoint meters

Calibration of temperature sensor

- thermocouples
- RTD sensors
- temperature switches
- temperature transducers

Calibration of temperature loggers

- temperature registers
- temperature profiling systems
- temperature loggers

Calibration of non-contact temperature meters

- infra red temperature meters, laser temperature meters
- thermal camera

Calibration of temperature generator

- dry block / oil bath calibrator s
- climate chambers
- handheld temperature calibrator

Calibration of humidity meters and generators

- humidity meters,
- humidity registers
- humidity loggers
- humidity generators

Environmental parameters have influence for production and testing procedures of every product, even food, medicine or automotive parts. The two most significant factor of it, are the humidity and the temperature. The change of this influence is registered during most of producing, and testing method. In certain cases are made on the product temperature-, shock-, or drying tests. Necessary to calibrate this logger, measuring- or generating instrument to be sure, the values are correct, that we measured during production.
Calibration and testing laboratory of KALIBRA 59 done calibration of listed instruments above according to MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard.

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