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Calibration on site of customer

Usually has problem of the large company the loss of production of measuring instrument, cause of the long shipping time.

Calibration laboratory of KALIBRA 59 can calibrate your measuring instrument on our customer’s field.
You can lack your instrument only for the calibration short time.

Our colleague going to delivered all standard, and reference instrument that necessary for calibration for laboratory room that you was supplied for us.

This method is excessively effectual, in charge, in time, and safety of measuring instrument. Our team can work even more days, adjusting for your work period, so we can done all calibration within few days.

Our new measuring system and calibration software allows, we can supplied Calibration certificates to our online equipment monitoring system on the next work day of calibration.

Our company attaches great importance to environment protection, hence most of our documentation we give on for our customer in digital form, approval of the National Accreditation Board.


Calibration on customer's field:

- digital- and analog multimeters
- panel meters, voltage-, current- and power meters
- clamp meters, current transducers, shunts
- oscilloscopes and accessories
- frequency meters and generators, counters
- attenuator
- resistance, induktance and capacitance (RLC) meters
- resistance, induktance and capacitance standards
- decades ( resistance, induktance and capacitance )
- power meters
- power transducers
- high voltage meters, and high voltage probes
- electrical safety testers
- loop resistance and loop impedance meters
- eart resistance and earth clamp meters
- Insulation resistance meters
- RCD meters
- HIpot, Ground bond, countinuity
- Instrument testers
- multifunctional electrical safety testers
- high voltage meters and high voltage generators
- process calibrators
- high accuracy and multifunctional calibrators
- temperature calibrators
- voltage- and current sources
- power supplies
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