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Testing laboratory

Temperature- and humidity dispersion testing:

KALIBRA 59’s testing laboratory is done to temperature and humidity dispersion testing and time stability testing of chambers.
We are made testing according to DKD recommendation, and customer request, even empty or filled chambers. We use 15 several data loggers or probes for sampling at time.

We adjust the sampling time for the suitable value the best testing period. Testing report include all measured value in chart and diagrams.

Based on the testing report, our customer is get accurate pictures of on each measured point in temperature and /or humidity value of the tested instrument.

Temperature- and humidity dispersion testing for:

- climate chambers, temperature-shock chambers, salt- and dust chambers
- hot-air cabinet
- freezer, refrigerators and cold room
- sterilizing, autoclaves
- warehouses, and other climate areas
- heat tunnels, tunnel kilns
- glow-kilns and drying ovens

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2151 Fót, Béke utca 72.
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