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Calibration for electrical quantites measuring instruments

Calibration for electrical quantities measuring instrument
- digital- and analog multimeters
- panel meters, voltage-, current- and power meters
- clamp meters, current transducers, shunts
- oscilloscopes and accessories
- frequency meters and generators, counters
- attenuator
- resistance, induktance and capacitance (RLC) meters
- resistance, induktance and capacitance standards
- decades ( resistance, induktance and kapacitance )
- power meters
- power transducers
- high voltage meters, and high voltage probes
- tachometers
- stopwatch
- air velocity meters

Calibration for electrical safety testers

- loop resistance and loop impedance meters
- eart resistance and earth clamp meters
- Insulation resistance meters
- RCD  meters
- HIpot, Ground bond, countinuity
- Instrument testers
- multifunctional electrical safety testers
- high voltage meters and high voltage generators

Calibration for Calibrators and sources

- process calibrators
- high accuracy and multifunctional calibrators
(accordin to the factory recommendation)
- temperature calibrators
- voltage- and current sources
- power supplies

Nowadays, we can’t imagine the world without electrical energy, actually most of our used items need electrical energy. Small batteries, supplied energy up for days for our mobile phones, note books, other instrument gain energy from the electrical network.
Easy to use this equipment, but production is demand several difficult procedure, like careful planning, , complex technology, test in-process, and final test..
Until consequence, when a little electrical tool come out from the factory line, all parts of this going to out more than then or hundred measurement, check or test. This measurement, check and test was made by electrical measuring instruments.

The factory lines that produce electrical instruments ( like mobile phones, automotive parts, electrical parts, etc.) include several kind of electrical measuring instruments.
We can talk from test in-process or final test, actually we can use from multimeter to oscilloscope any kind of measuring instrument, or another special equipment that was made for this purpose, we must to know the correct result.
The metrological condition of the measuring instrument could be influence some kind of Factor ( for examples, again, abrasion, injured, environmental effect, etc).
We need to calibrated ( adjust if its necessary) this instrument regularly to eliminate this influence.
KALIBRA 59 undertake the calibration of above listed instrument in our  laboratory or in your premises according to the MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025 standards.


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