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About our services

In this dynamic word going to be more important the precise, past and accurate work., which is indispensable in properly controlled measuring instruments.
All over the word – including Hungary – more and more companies use any kind of quality management system, it is made to necessary for calibration , testing and qualification of the measuring instrument that use for their work.
Regular revision, calibration of measuring instrument will ensure you that, your measuring instrument are according to requirements. Kalibra59 will help for current- and future partners, customers in this.

We are made calibration according to my customer pretension even our laboratory or my customer’s side in an appointment. This way we don’t cause any disruption in your production.

Laboratory facilities and staff expertise allow for a wide range of our services.
Our Calibration certificates, and Testing reports including all measured value, in charts or diagrams.

Our prices contain to fee of calibration or testing (for full calibration, or calibration on individual point by requirement of customer), qualification of measuring instrument on customer request, two-languages certificates ( English / Hungarian ) on customer request.
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